Young Adult Superhero Book Series

Do you love superheroes? What about YA novels? If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, we have the young adult superhero book series for you. Revenge of the Man-Dragon is full of all of the things that make YA novels so engaging and superhero stories so exciting. Jump into your next page-turner with Revenge of the Man-Dragon.

YA Superhero Book Series

Charles Morris has penned an exciting first entry in his series about Michael, Shawn, and Asia, three teens who risk everything to stand up against a dreaded alien called the Man-Dragon.

This fierce sorcerer from another planet has a plan: conquer Earth and exact his revenge on the Ja’Farrie family. Only Michael and his team stand in his way, but they’re not alone; they have various superpowers to help them, such as telepathy, transformation, and teleportation. Can they stop the Man-Dragon in time? Or will this diabolical sorcerer rule the dimensions unchecked?

If you love action, adventure, humor, and relatable characters, you’ll love Revenge of the Man-Dragon. Blending sci-fi, fantasy, and magic, everyone will find something they love in this series. You can contact the author below or buy your own copy on Amazon today.

Hollywood Book Review described this novel as a unique fusion of magic, sci-fi, and fantasy; gives readers the feeling of a solid, established, world with characters that are fantastic and frightening all at once.

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Charles Morris, the author of Revenge of the Man-Dragon, has been writing for more than 15 years. For the full details about the book, get in touch with the author today.

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Follow Michael and his team as they fight to save Earth from total domination. For more information, contact the book author today.